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White Fir > Mistletoe (Viscum album sub-species) growing on Abies alba, Blackforest, SW Germany. Photo: G. Schorer, Oct. 1997.   Lime > Mistletoe in Lime, Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire.   Lime > The Lime Avenue, Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincs.

Apple is the gardeners choice of host tree for mistletoe where the plants are much more accessible.
It looks at home in an old craggy tree, or alternatively as a centrepiece in a dwarf pot-grown apple or cotoneaster - another easy host.

Lime > The Lime Avenue, Kentwell Hall, Suffolk   Apple > Mistletoe in a Bramley Apple, Lincs.   Willow > Mistletoe in Willow near the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire/Herefordshire border.

Aftersome cold winter weather the mistletoe often takes on a goldenhue which is highlighted in some early spring sunshine.
It wasreferred to as "the golden bough" by Sir James George Frazer in hisbook of that title, a classic work which includes the magic and folklore surrounding mistletoe-
read a summary at bartleby.com at The Golden Bough link below.

Home > Freshly picked ripe mistletoe berries in wintertime.   Prunus > Mistletoe in Ornamental Prunus, outside Grimsthorpe Castle, S. Lincolnshire.   Apple>Mike Fitzer in his old apple orchard near the Malvern Hills.


Poplar > Mistletoe in Poplar in the Dordogne region of SW France c.2004 Photo: Carol Hickman.   Apple > Apple Jester and Mistletoe on rootstock M27 a mature 6ft. high column producing approx. a dozen good apples per year. Autumn 2005,Lincolnshire.   Apple > Ripening mistletoe during October on an old apple tree, Blenheim Orange, I have counted over a hundred plants growing on this tree in Lincolnshire.


Lots of Holly, Mistletoe and Christmas Wreaths lined up ready to be auctioned by Nick Champion at the Tenbury Wells old cattle market. Panoramic photo: Nick Wheeldon

Tenbury Wells December 2004 Auction of Holly and Mistletoe.

Wanted! more pictures of Mistletoe in unusual trees!


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